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ON:meedi:a is here to support you building customised, curated, cross-platform, content compilations. We provide a web-based ecosystem that serves all your needs in media asset management and publishing.

ON:meedi:a - The flexible and easy-to-handle management and publishing system for your media assets with a powerful media indexing back-end.

It can be configured to help you do what you need to do and get the job done.


Publish from one source to many platforms with your own templates.


Annotate and enhance content using powerful semi-automatic software tools.


Manage and access your assets on different operating systems through a web browser.


All of your multimedia, text, image, audio and video files.


Build virtual exhibitions, newsletters, guided tours, music collections and many more...

Media indexing

Content-based indexing, search and retrieval that can be be configured to fit your requirements.


Easy integration via simple orchestration of web-services for your missing functionality.

Flexible publishing

Keep full control of data, layout, and function of each interface element with a CMS-like approach.

Metadata & Annotations

Collaborative time-based and geo-tagged annotations together with extraction of metadata.

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This file gallery is based on ON:meedi:a. It is just a simple example how you can publish your content