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Flexible management and publishing for your media assets with a powerful media indexing back-end.

Gets your job done, anywhere on the web.


Publish from one source to many platforms with your own templates.


Annotate and enhance content using powerful semi-automatic software tools.


Manage and access your assets on different operating systems through a web browser.


All of your multimedia, text, image, audio and video files.


Build virtual exhibitions, newsletters, guided tours, music collections and many more...

Media indexing

Content-based indexing, search and retrieval that can be be configured to fit your requirements.


Easy integration via simple orchestration of web-services for your missing functionality.

Flexible publishing

Keep full control of data, layout, and function of each interface element with a CMS-like approach.

Metadata & Annotations

Collaborative time-based and geo-tagged annotations together with extraction of metadata.

Built with

From simple apps to complete systems


The digital stage for your content.

Share multimedia-rich content collections.

We have the tools for you to make your content shine on your website, on desktops, tablets and mobiles.


Share Photos and follow places.

Tell inspiring multimedia stories around your destination.

Aggregate your social media streams and create appealing entry points for your guests and visitors.

What people say about us

The ON:meedi:a team has a unique appreciation in understanding end-users, as well as flexibility in integrating multimedia technology. Their openness to develop tools that truly enhance and enable better searching and browsing is very exciting.
-- Elena Brodie-Kusa, Moving Image Consultant at EBK Consultancy, USA
The Kunsthalle Bremen is pleased about the cooperation with ON:meedi:a. We thank you for the integration of some of the available modules, e.g. for converting images from the picture archive automatically into the required sizes and resolutions and enabling us to make them available to our users.
-- Kunsthalle Bremen, DE

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